Travel Apps or App-ocolaypse?

March 15, 2017

Overwhelmed by the dizzying swirl of apps surrounding you? Likely there is an app for that.

At the latest annual Phocuswright gathering, held last fall in Los Angeles, the buzzword hanging over the panels like a headache was “app fatigue.” The new term describes what every traveler feels while scrolling their Smartphone for information on the right seat, the level of rewards points, whether there is a better flight to book or the location of the nearest Starbucks, usually in a mad dash for the departure gate.


In this era of constant flight disruptions, missed connections and huge delays, those who cannot do the waiting/guessing dance with airlines can register with Freebird for some instant remedies. Freebird is the first mobile rebooking tool addressing this pain point and empowers travelers to instantly book a new ticket to their destination on any airline for free with just three taps on their phone. Freebird is like an insurance policy. Travelers purchase their Freebird guarantee up until two days before departure. Based on various algorithms, Freebird will charge a small premium for guaranteeing a one-way or round-trip flight and, voila! You are covered for an instant booking and the next airline going out should your scheduled flight get stuck in the mud. Currently, fees start at $19 one-way.

Read full article about Freebird and how it provides an instant remedy to flight disruptions from the Washington Times