Four Products to Keep You Flying This Holiday Season

December 14, 2016

Two startups that can help when the airline gods conspire against you.

Flying during the holidays often feels like prime proving ground for Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong with your flight will. But two companies are trying to make the ordeal less awful.

Let’s say your flight is canceled or delayed more than four hours, or you miss your connection. Normally you’d have to rebook with your airline by either waiting in line at the airport or calling customer service, which is really enjoyable. Freebird ( lets you rebook on any domestic carrier, not only the one that screwed you. You register an itinerary at least two days before your trip and pay $19 if you’re on a one-way ticket or $34 if you’re on a round-trip flight. If your plans are disrupted, Freebird will send you a text with a link to new flights you can get on; pick one and that’s it—you’re off.

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